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Monday, May 22, 2006

Terrorist Surveillance Program vs Employee Surveillance Program


FROM: dcc
RE: Terrorist Surveillance Program vs Employee Surveillance Program


Today’s news is troublesome. As you know the government will not fund our veterans but will send them to far away places to kill in the name of freedom. Now with this breach of information, people and terrorist alike may actually learn about the poor treatment we give to our vets. This is exactly the type of information that aids the terrorist. If these lists are leaked to the wrong people the terrorist will win. We also cannot look this weak by publishing an apology letter.

With this in mind I propose the VA allows the NSA the ability to tape all conversations and actions of all VA personnel with access to these files. This clearly is for the protection of National Security. All information will only be used to track the terrorists. This falls under the third section of the USA PATRIOT ACT. Do not worry if that is not true, no one really has read the fine print anyway.

One National Under Surveillance is better than a Nation destroyed by techies and terrorists.


Did you get the memo? Follow the link to learn more:


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