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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Telling the Truth About Terror


FROM: dcc
RE: Telling the Truth About Terror

George –

This is a dangerous precedent. Telling the truth about your intentions about the War on Terror will give the terrorist what they want and might also mean that this newly defined “World War” will mean that this War on Terror will end like the other World Wars ended.

As you know, wars against proper nouns are for political gains only. (see Johnson’s War on Poverty, Your Father’s War on Drugs and your War on Terror) Clearly a World War (both One and Two ended in less than 10 years) ends. You need a war that will last forever. In conversation with Rove we cleared this idea; to create a longer term and some what permanent Republican Majority, the US will need to be at war forever.

This truth is dangerous. Please keep to the plan or even the inept Democrats may be able to crack the permanent majority.


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