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Monday, May 29, 2006



TO: Kenneth Lay
FROM: dcc
RE: opps


Kenny boy-

My bad bro! I should have shredded the last parts of our workings that had to do with you stealing all of your employees’ money. I did however remove the names of other high level administration leaders and most of your lawers.

Man that really is a bummer you got nailed with all these charges and now might even have to pay for it! Rich people are supposed to be able to do what they want! What is this country coming to? I tell you my friend pretty soon they are going to close the tax loop whole that allowed our friends donate a golf course to OSU under the Katrina Hurricane tax shelter.

The world as we know it Ken is over. I will visit and bring cake.


Did you get the memo? Follow the link to learn more:


Blogger fundictionary said...

check it out, you wont regret.

1:30 PM  
Blogger fundictionary said...

check it out, you wont regret.

1:31 PM  

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