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Sunday, April 23, 2006



TO: Pro-Life Lobby
FROM: dcc

Anti-Baby Killers-

You have won the battle! As you now know Bob Casey, Democratic Senatorial Candidate from the State of Pennsylvania, is Pro-Life. He has garnered double digit support from a state that has elected one of the most radically right wing Senators to grace the Senate floor since the end of the Civil War. But congratulations are in order for you and your supporters in the Key Stone State.

Clearly as a one-issue advocacy coalition, that does not mind what the party affiliation of your supports may be, that does not have any other right wing agenda and that does not have any motivation to create a theocracy in the US, this is a victory.

Today you will see that even the “Pragmatic Progressive Women for Casey” have joined the cause against a right of a woman to choose to have a medical procedure. This is the first time a baby killing organization has seen the light of limiting rights of women. This is a time for celebration.

Good luck in the general election.


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