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Friday, April 28, 2006

Too soon?


TO: Paul Greengrass et al
FROM: dcc
RE: Too soon?

Film Makers –

Capitalizing on tragedy is the American way. The victims of September 11th would have wanted it that way. While I have not been able to see United 93 down at Tribeca however when I do, I am sure there will be many “too soon” moments.

Yet the Memo Spot commends you film makers in the ultimate snub to the terrorist. You have taken their actions and made them American. Your money making memorial is not allowing the terrorists to win, it preserves the American Way!

With this in mind the Memo Spot would like to inform you of the award you will win in addition to anything you take from Tribeca and other festivals in the coming months: The Too Soon? award. This award is given to those who knowingly make jokes or examples out of extremely sensitive subjects far before the pain and suffering incurred by these sensitive subjects has subsided into the collective soul of society.

Congratulations on being the only people to ever be awarded this honor.


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