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Monday, April 24, 2006

Language confusion: Illegal Aliens or Decent People?


FROM: dcc
RE: Language confusion: Illegal Aliens or Decent People?


There has been a bit of confusion regarding your speech today in the OC. You state that “we cannot lose sight of is we're talking about human beings, decent human beings.” I may be mistaken but I believe this debate is over illegal aliens in this great country. You sir seem to be confusing the mater at hand.

While I do understand you must insure the aliens do not become too restless, for they may try to gain rights like humans, using language insinuating that aliens are human is simply wrong. These aliens come here and are a plague on our society, taking work from Americans.

However most of these jobs are jobs that most Americans would not want. Therefore limiting the rights of such aliens is beneficial to America. By forcing them into a legal under class, these guest aliens will never become Americans humans and then Americans will never have to work in such jobs again.

Please however do not use language that could confuse the American people into believing that you would want to give rights and privileges of humans to these aliens. By definition aliens are not human; they are creatures from a far away place.


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