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Monday, April 17, 2006

Blogging's conspicuous absents


TO: The Pulitzer Prize Committee
FROM: dcc
RE: Blogging's conspicuous absents

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Prize Committee

Since1917 many fantastic people and organizations have won awards of the coveted Pulitzer variety. Over the years the prize has been extended to new forms of journalistic expressions. Now as the world of blogs daily expands exponentially, the Memo Spot would like to ask why the blogosphere has been ignored by the prize committee.

Additionally why have memos, the most ignored form of literary expression, been ignored? Memos found at the Memo Spot have exposed the defense of the President by puppets, the conspiracy of the Upper Respiratory Illness and the war to stop this menace and scientific discovery.

Please provide a rational reason why these two forms of expression are not valued.


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