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Saturday, April 22, 2006

bio-diesel and fast food distribution


TO: Sysco Foods Distribution
FROM: dcc
RE: bio-diesel and fast food distribution


This is the largest opportunity to increase profits and look good to those crazy tree hugging socialist pinko haters in the process. Bio-diesel is an “earth friendly” method of transportation. By utilizing spent vegetable oils found at most of the locations you distribute to, bio-diesel burns a clean and semi-renewable low waste fuel. Additionally most diesel engines are capable of simple conversion into bio-diesel machines. Comically the fumes from the bio-diesel engines smell like the food that was prepared in the spent vegetable oil.

However the brilliance of this idea came from a gentleman (herein Bio-Diesel Man or BDM) on the streets of New York City who has asked the Memo Spot for representation. All ideas and marketing plans from herein are copy written and subject to all laws and regulations thereof. By converting chuck wagons (yuck wagon, roach coach etc) into bio-diesel engines, your operators will utilize free advertisement AND will never have to stop for gas.

BDM’s foolproof marketing plan for these new self-fueling and self-advertising trucks represents the newest wave of economic and environmental integration. By driving them around college campuses from 11pm until 4 am with the trucks moving at full speed, hence burning a significant amount of bio-diesel, there will be an endless supply of consumers.


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